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flowing like water 

The competitive world of business today requires you to be fluid to compete in this global economy and with our strategic perspective & partnerships, we can provide you with the creative solutions that will help you overcome the challenges in your evolving market. 

Don’t get set into one form, adapt it and build your own, and let it grow, be like water.
— Bruce Lee
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Rising over the hurdles 


Brand Strategy

Our focus is creating a genuine identity that is key to connecting you with your customers, through extensive research and strategic planning we will give your clientele memorable experiences that will make you stand out from the competition.


Helping new business start ups and established businesses grow, we’re your investing, advocacy, and mentoring partner. We help entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry get awarded licenses, optimize facility design, standardize operations, and maximize business development. No matter how large the obstacle, we are passionate about helping our clients rise above any hurdle to become great in their industry.


Our experience spans B2B and B2C online marketing, with companies and organizations from funded start-ups to Fortune 50 brands. We approach each client campaign with an optimized 360 marketing model, a holistic and all-encompassing method of integrated marketing. Today’s businesses require precision in their marketing execution. We are shifting the ways our clients market themselves, by working smarter, with more flexibility in adapting to opportunities in the market place.


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This life line of your business is essential to everyday interactions for any company and that is why we work with one of the industries most reliable networks to provide you with over the top amazing service, handling all of your telecommunication needs from unified cloud communication to managing all of your customer interactions in one place. 


When you invest with us, you are more than a client. You are a partner and as our valued partner, we will work with you to meet your specific needs. Which is why we have partnered with one of the most prestigious manufactures in Germany. So that we can provide you the best quality and reliability while saving you money. These technological advanced packaging machines are able to handle any size order, can be customized for any product type and are persistently updated to the most stringent hygienic standards.


From high definition 4K visuals to FLAC audio we help create, restore, and engineer your projects to ensure that your media is professional and effective at connecting with your customers. Whether you need professional product photos or high definition videos to advertise on your website, we can generate your media to fit your distinct needs.


Influence is extremely powerful in the socially connected world we live in today and having your products in the hands of those influencers gives your business a leg up on the competition. Our influencers have media content with over 1 million+ views from many different backgrounds and industries to better connect your products with your ideal customers.

What business strategy is all about-what distinguishes it from all other kinds of business planning-is, in a word, competitive advantage. Without competitors there would be no need for strategy, for the sole purpose of strategic planning is to enable the company to gain, as efficiently as possible, a sustainable edge over its competitors
— Kenichi Ohmae
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time to move ahead of the competition  


AGILIS - Vertical Form, Fill & Seal Machines

Digitalization on all levels of the value-chain (Industry 4.0) demands modern solutions. The digital integration of your packaging lines is therefore absolutely essential. This fact is one of our key aspects designing AGILIS vffs packaging machines. State-of-the-art drive and control components already ensure the digital demands of the future. Easy-to-operate and comfortable HMI solutions allow remote control (also via Smart Phone or Tablet), data exchange with existing ERP systems and common operation standards like OMAC PackML. Remote service modules are integrated as standard feature to support you when ever needed.

BECKHOFF drive and control components are our standard choice. Additionally we offer ROCKWELL (Allen Bradley) or SIEMENS controls, if requested.


PICDIS horizontal fill & seal systems are the perfect solution for packaging your products into premade bags. Whether you are looking for a machine to pack Doy-Style-Bags, Block-Bottom-Up-Bags or even Sachet-Bags – various types of bags can be handled by this system. Proven modular design offers a wide variety of possibilities.

Major advantages of all PICDIS models are the easy changeover in bag formats and the hygienic design. By the push of a button on the HMI the machine sets itself to the requested bag size. Cleaning of the line is very easy, due to the open frame structure. The hygienic design comes in three different levels, tailored to the application. The highest level makes it ready for “Wash-Down”, up to a water pressure of 20 bar, protection class IP 66



AGILIS - Vertical sachet Form, fill & Seal machines

Baumann Maschinenbau Solms have more than 35 years of experience in designing and building machines. This is the platform that AGILIS vffs packaging machines are developed on. Solid mechanical base, high quality raw materials, state-of-the-art components as well as strictly user-oriented design are the essentials of these high quality products.

Maximum machine availability at minimal cost of owner- ship is our guideline. AGILIS vffs packaging machines are exclusively designed and build in our plant in Solms – strictly “Made in Germany”.

In a properly automated and educated world, then, machines may prove to be the true humanizing influence. It may be that machines will do the work that makes life possible and that human beings will do all the other things that make life pleasant and worthwhile
— Isaac Asimov



Team work That makes the dream work


Set the parameters.... you’re either with the pro bowlers or the amateurs
— Pusha T




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