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Brand Strategy

One of the best metrics for successful brand strategy is brand sentiment. It is tough to measure and may not be as easy to quantify, but it’s too easy for analytical owners to dismiss the vicenary work involved in branding. Designing an experience uses a different parts of your mind than scaling your experience. While scaling is more of a highly analytical/operations-oriented problem. Designing an experience is a more of a human intuition based & wholehearted experience from start to finish. Most larger companies, view these as two different skill sets and would separate the teams breaking down the communication between them. That’s how you waste time, money and energy. In a small business, you might be missing a “creative” angle altogether. Youphora focuses on bringing your customers a memorable Brand experience that represents your core values.


As with any business, it takes money to make money. An investment in marketing is equal to, if not more important than, the investments you make for inventory and staff. At the heart of all successful businesses is strong and ongoing marketing. Almost every aspect of your business absolutely depends on your ability to market your services and/or your products. You could be offering the best, most desirable, innovative and life-changing solutions or merchandise in your industry – but without marketing, none of your potential customers would have any clue that they exist at all. Indeed, in order for a business – any business, large or small – to succeed, the service, solution or product it provides must be known to potential buyers. Unfortunately defining the marketing challenge is not a quick or easy process and it takes time and due diligence. And whilst there is no definitive ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way, the process we take will give you the opportunity to seek out and identify an insight that might explain why a problem is occurring and give you the opportunity to develop a winning campaign strategy.


Every day, two billion people around the world use social media. Among the topics of their interactions are brands and products. Via social media marketing, we get people talking about your brand and cultivate relationships with your customers. In social networks, people today receive much of their daily information. In particular, social networks have always gained in their presence and in their relevance in society. Facebook, Youtube and Instagram have become indispensable today. In all countries, whether it is the western world, the Far East or even individual regions and countries in Europe. People all over the world are logged into social networks. Anyone who is present as a brand or company in social networks, can spread his messages with a long reach. Also, the possibility of viral information dissemination is much higher on social networks than a traditional marketing campaign. In social networks, trends and new fashions spread over a few hours worldwide. Especially bloggers and influencers here are very active market participants, which is convincing for companies. Our sound & video production services include strategy design, audience analysis, concept development, storyboarding, script writing, sourcing talent, filming, animating and video editing. Your high-definition video & audio will be creative, technically flawless, aesthetically beautiful and on message.

Data Analytics

We leverage the power of data and analytics to not only drive decision making and optimize marketing programs but also to keep track of your site health with tools that optimize your websites performance. Deriving insights that improve digital communications, merchandising, and promotions. We use that data to improve the understanding of your customers and develop smarter, more personalized digital experiences. Our expertise ranges from enterprise digital analytics tools like Pixel, Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, Snowplow, R and BigQuery; all the way down to niche products (MixPanel, ClickTale, 4Q, Optimizely). Chances are we can help. Over the years, we’ve constantly been evolving from what we know, iterating from challenge to challenge to continuously improve our results. Our focus is to help you and your organization do the same, by using data to make better decisions, prioritize, take action and achieve sustainable results. Whether you’re new to data analytics or you’re a seasoned veteran; we can help you with all of your analytics needs. From strategy planning to implementation, Youphora will help take your campaigns to new heights.

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